Please be advised that we are approaching the final stages of upgrading our website and business model to the new BT Version 2. We ask that you keep your transactions to a minimum as we complete this process. Thank you for your patience.
Frequently Asked Questions
    1. What is (BT)?
  • We are an internet advertising company specializing in "unique visitor" (UV) website traffic. Our traffic comes from our associated high traffic website networks using the latest “soft pop-under” technology along with thousands of niche domain names and search engines that redirects traffic to your site. We generate significant quantities of traffic to gain a low cost advantage. We then package this UV traffic inventory into smaller units to be sold at retail prices using our proprietary sales engine platform.
    2. What do BT members do?
  • As a member of BT, you participate in our business by being both an advertising Client and a member. An advertiser is someone who buys our UV traffic to promote their own particular websites or products (a customer). A member is someone who promotes our business model and products for a profit!
    3. So what makes this different from an affiliate or MLM program?
  • When you make an advertising purchase at retail, you also receive additional traffic credits. Using our proprietary automated sales engine, you sell these traffic credits for a profit (see Q4) and you receive the proceeds from these sales. Each member is actually a mini advertising agency using and benefiting from our business model. This is a great way for you to profit from your own advertising expenses and/or generate an additional income from your own home based business. (Also see Q&A #5)
    4. Can you be more specific, how do I make money?
  • When you make a purchase of one of our Business Packages, you receive an amount of UV traffic that you can use to promote your website or products. You also receive an additional allotment of traffic credited to a "Business Pack" recorded in your personal member account. Even if you don't have your own website or product, BT will provide you with both! You can promote your BT personal url and participate in the traffic sales. A "Business Pack" is a graphic display of your traffic account. As your allotment of traffic credits is sold, you receive the payments from these sales. Each Qualified Business Pack receives enough "traffic credits" to create earnings of 2 times the cost of the pack. This is called the "Earnings Target" (ET). When the earnings target amount is reached, you have options to either repurchase more Business Packs or have your earnings credited to your member Ewallet.

    Here's how it works
    6. What are "Direct Referrals"?
  • Direct Referrals are any individual who becomes a member using your member referral link that we provide you. All new members must sign up through an existing member. Our programming will not allow signups without a current member's referral.